It’s Halftime..have you made the shift?

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It’s Halftime..have you made the shift?

In sports, many managers and coaches use the half time break to adjust and shift a game plan that wasn’t working. It could be a complete realignment, inspirational speech or perhaps only small tinkering.

About ten years ago I read a book called Half Time, written by Bob Buford. It was an interesting read as it spoke to the mid-career shift that many people go through. It also addressed a changing philosophy and focus that many people experience as they proceed through their career and life.

At the risk of oversimplifying the book, the idea is that as we start our career we are laser focused on success. Business success, career success, getting the next promotion. It can become all-consuming, disruptive and stressful to our marriage and health.

There is a point, and it is not the same for everyone, but there is a point where a shift happens. The focus shifts from a drive for success to significance. A growing sense that you were #meant4more. Success is still desired but it needs to be rooted in a purpose or passion that addresses a greater good.

At this point in life, some people change their entire career. Some focus their business or profits in a direction to help others. I have seen business owners adopt a triple bottom line. I have seen people and employee groups donate personal time to help or raise money for those less fortunate.

But here is the kicker. We are seeing a very interesting acceleration of this half-time shift. As I speak to younger Business Owners, Millennials, GenX’s and GenY’s, I am seeing the half-time shift disappearing. Instead I am now seeing a desire to have this balance and focus evident from day one.

When interviewing potential employees 10 years ago, we never thought to mention our green policy, or the charities we supported, or the company policy on the health of their staff. But today the new employee and young professional wants to know and embrace the “why” they do what they do in order to fully engage.

Perhaps today, we need to have a better plan out of the gate. A Vision and Strategy that will attract and retain the best of the best. Perhaps we need to be evaluating our companies on a regular basis to be sure that we are on top of all the issues that affect a company’s success and growth.

If you know that you were #meant4more and want to get clarity on the right path for your career or business, …………………. Call me? It all starts with a better conversation.


Derek Millar is a seasoned business coach . He is part of a powerful team of coaches and trainers dedicated to transforming leaders and organizations.
Providing clarity around inward and external mobility, allows people to achieve the freedom to enjoy life, have career growth and be fulfilled.



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