Business Bootcamp

6 hour workshop used to define the current readiness of your company to grow. Using Structure and Style assessments, communication analysis and powerful discussion we get to the heart of what’s getting in the way of your company’s growth and development using a concise laser focused approach.

Leadership Development

Using our “I, We You Leadership Development Program” we help to bring out the best your leadership skills and at the same time provide you with essential methodologies to connect at a deeper level with your staff, colleagues and clients.

Career Development

Where am I headed? How will I get there? These and other questions spin in our heads. Through key career assessments we are able to define your strengths and best career options. We can then identify the best path for you take to get the job of your dreams and make your mark.

New Hire Coaching

This is proving to be a vital cog in the wheel of successful hiring. Using state of the art communication and leadership coaching, we are able to help new hires navigate the new position and pathway to success.

One to One Coaching

It’s lonely at the top. Do you feel that there is no-one to confide in? No one that you can talk freely to about your business, marriage, relationships. Theses monthly, bi-weekly or weekly sessions are specifically designed to help you answer those questions that are swirling around in your head. You are not alone. You are creative, resourceful and whole, but may need someone to open the door. We have custom plans to suit every need.