Celebrate Your Losses

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Are you in sales? Do you get paid by commission? Is it 100% commission?

If you are in sales you need to have “thick skin”. In other words you need to handle rejection well. Some handle it through positive thinking. Some through a devotion to a process. Others bury their empathy and feelings.

I am going to suggest another way of looking at rejection. Stick with me here as it will take a while to become clear, but it will be with it.

First, let’s consider what all salespeople think they want. That being every potential client will buy your service or product on the first call, at the max price. Utopia!

Be careful what you ask for. What I have just described is not sales. It is order taking. If you are not reacting to objections, if you are not adjusting rates or price based on market acceptance, if you are not fine tuning your sales pitch, if you are not being relentless in asking for the sale time and time again, then you have not really experienced the world of a sales warrior.

If everyone just accepted your service or product without objection then you would be paid as an order taker. Why do you think salespeople get paid so high? Why do you think you are commission based? It’s because its hard. It’s because you need to overcome the days where you get a no after a no after a no.

In fact, research will prove that the sales positions that are the most difficult to close, pay their salespeople the most. Thats right, the more difficult the sale and the more no’s you get the more you will typically get paid.

I am not suggesting that you intentionally try to get a no. Absolutely not. But if you are able to weather the storms, (literally and figuratively) then you have a better chance of being that person who knows that the mountains are not as high as they seem, nor are the valleys as low as they seem.

Celebrate your defeats with the knowledge that you are able to push through the forest of no’s to get to that yes. And that you are paid well because you are able to get to the yes that others can only dream of.

“So that their place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.”

Theodore Roosevelt

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